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About us


Fresh air all the time!
Have you ever experienced the feeling of “short of breath” during Yoga practice although is not hot in the room? Have you asked yourself why?

The lungs and respiratory system get rid of carbon dioxide in the air by breathed out, allowing oxygen in the air to be taken into the body by breathed in. When there are more than 10 people in a room about 80 square meters without an air treatment ventilation, the level of dioxide of carbon increases and the level of oxygen reduces and it is created an unbalanced and unhealthy environment for breathing. In that case you feel dizzy, fatigue, even exhausted due to lack of oxygen.

This is not the case in our hot room!

Our hot room is designed with the best, advanced high - tech heating system. The heating is computer controlled to bring you exactly 40°C and 40% humidity, the ideal environment to practice Bikram Yoga. The air exchange system ensures that fresh treated air is being ventilated during the entire class from outside. The ventilation system is the most important part of the practice, therefore it will always be oxygenated air during the entire class.
The latest generation equipment that makes the difference between amateurs and professionals.


Our goal is to create a community that is a friendly and fun place to practice yoga and escape the hustle and bustle of city living. We have a passion for continued training and study to ensure we are excellent yoga teachers, constantly updated and inspired by international teaching and training methods. Hot Yoga Romania provides anatomy alignment yoga instruction, which places the emphasis on your body and how to move it in way that will benefit you best.

We believe:


I took my first Yoga class seven years ago by “mistake”, more exactly Bikram Yoga. Ongoing it became more likely a way of life than a physical practice. I have worked as cabin crew for Emirates Airline for five years where I had great time traveling around the world and practice yoga on all continents.

My training includes YA 200hr from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore, India, March 2015 and Hatha Yoga in Mysore, India, September 2015.

In 2016 fall, I finally attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, in Thailand, to fulfil my very first and beloved practice: “BIKRAM YOGA”. It was the most incredible experience of my life that I had the chance to practice under the guidance of one of the greatest Guru of our times, Bikram Choudhry.
The true Yoga practice is to be useful for others.  Following this statement and using my experience and knowledges, I want to share with Romanians (meantime only in Bucharest) the unique opportunity of Bikram Yoga therapeutic practice.


I have always had a great interest in helping people and in exploring psychological aspects of human beings. This was the reason I chose psychology as a major at the university and this was the reason I decided to pursue my career as a yoga instructor.

I started practicing yoga mainly to stay in shape. However, over the years, I learned that yoga is not just a physical activity. This sacred discipline taught me to stay focused at work, be emotionally balanced and gain confidence. Along with improved flexibility and physical health, I learned to be patient with my children, rediscovered my emotions and true personality.

Following intense 200-hours of Yoga Teachers' Training at Bindusar Yoga Kendra school, I learned, practiced and taught Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, alignment, anatomy and philosophy. After teaching and exploring different styles of yoga, I was introduced to Hot yoga and it was love at the first sight! I immediately proceeded to successfully complete my HTT 200-hours in Koh Samui, Thailand. This was one of a kind experience which tempered my body and my mind.

I am grateful and excited to share my knowledge and experience with my students. I am looking forward to build together a stronger and healthier community in Bucharest.


The Yoga -  yoga practice is well known for healing powers: physically, psychologically and emotionally. Once your physical body feels better, then the energetic body heals and you regain your inner balance.

The Heat - Sweating for health and transformation is something well known from ancient times. There are plenty of examples of people using heat in order to create transformative, healing environments. In fact, Ayurveda makes use of steam baths to induce sweating, both for general health maintenance and to treat other conditions.

When Heat & Yoga blend together the results are guaranteed to maintain a healthier and stronger body, mind and spirit!


The founder of the worldwide Bikram Yoga, Bikram Choudhury born in Calcutta, India in 1946, began learning Hatha Yoga poses at the age of three. At five, he began studying with Bishnu Ghosh, the younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda (Author of the most popular book on Yoga, The Autobiography of a Yogi). At age thirteen Bikram’s intense practice paid off when he won the first of three consecutive National India Yoga Championships in his teens.

After a catastrophic injury on his right knee at the age of 20, Bikram created a form of hot yoga performed in a series of 26 hatha yoga postures done in a hot environment of 40 °C (104 °F) and 40% humidity. He brought his curative methods of Yoga therapy around the world for more than four decades. There are now over 1650 Bikram Yoga studious worldwide and our studio is the first one in Romania.

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